The Night’s Cult is the name given to the dangerous cult which resides in Jagrad and follows the expelled High Priestess of Eros Selene. The zealots of the Night’s Cult are known to be dangerous people who will not hesitate to kill you in the name of their ultimate goal: releasing the Dark Titan.

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The Golden Realm has prospered for centuries. At the peak of it’s civilization there is no one who can contest the legions of Eros. Or is it? Follow the conflict between the mighty soldiers of Eros against the determined Zealots of the Night’s Cult. Or is it the Empire of Jagrad who will finally take it’s righteous place in the world? Who knows! In the exciting fantasy world of Sagas there is no certainty..


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Siege Nemis Nights Cult

The Realm of Eros is located on the southern coasts of the continent of Aurea. The Realm of Eros is currently at the peak of its existence. The golden city of Eros and its vassals are ready to face everyone who opposes them. Who can challenge the Golden Realm?

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