Graius The Stupid

Graius “The Stupid” was a Dictator of the Western army of the Realm of Eros. He was also the great-uncle of Graius “The Golden”, whom he never knew in life.

Graius “The Stupid” was murdered in the Senate of Eros in the year 166 during an event which came to know as the Dispute of the Underpaid.


Graius “The Stupid” was born in the wealthy Rovia family in the city of Phoclyos. After a few years, the Rovia family decided to move to the City of Eros and become more involved in social life there. So went along Graius and his brother Deudetius. Thanks to his wealthy family and social contacts, Graius quickly climbed up in the government during the reign of the weak emperor Herculon II.

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