Selene’s Acolytes

Xiopeneia, Themesa, Yleia and Lysis were once the Acolytes of Selene “The Night’s Mistress” at the Temple of Aur in the capital city of Eros. They now have become creatures of the underworld in search for revenge.



Xiopeneia, Themesa, Yleia and Lysis were once the Acolytes of Selene at the Temple of Aur in the City of Eros. The acolytes were chosen by the High Priestess, based on their cleverness and beauty. Being one of the Acolytes of Aur was a great honor. It was also a position that could be achieved by everyone in the empire, both rich and poor. Everyone was equal. The acolytes practiced the arts of magic, teached by the High Priestess herself, and also cared for sick residents of the City of Eros.

After seeing the inequality in the city and in the Realm, they were persuaded by Selene to take action. In the year 196, the followers of Aur on the Acropolis decided that they no longer identified themselves with the Realm of Eros and that it was time for renewal. An action that the Acolytes would change for the rest of their lives. They would perform an ancient and forbidden ritual to free the Dark Titan which was imprisoned in the depths of Hell itself. During this ritual they came into contact with the forces of the underworld, the Hell Force. Their bodies were misused by Selene as vessels to channel these powers. Which failed miserably. But they had been betrayed and she and her acolytes were stopped at the top of the ritual by the city guards of the City of Eros.

The fifth acolyte Thea “The Traitor” had betrayed them and ensured the help of the City Guard to stop their maleficent and forbidden ritual. But it already was to late for the other Acolytes. Only Selene had enough power to stop the Hell Power from taking control of her. The other Acolytes soon begin to change in horrendous creatures. Their faces began to wither and wings grew from their hands and arms. There need for water and food disappeared,there they had already crossed the line between living and death.


Selene’s acolytes are nothing like the once beautiful women they were. With sharp fangs and scaly wings, they look more like the bats that children fear in the dark. Their enstranglement with the forces of Hell do has made them incredibly strong and fiercesome. That is why they are being held in Xiomen’s prison in the city of Eros by the Realm of Eros. Locked away from light, food and water.

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