Solon’s Falcons

Solon’s Falcons are the elite units of the Eastern Erosian army. With their Golden battle axes they can sweep the face of battle empty in a second.


The great inventor Wulfrik donated 12 pairs of wings and magical axes to Solon as gifts in the year 202. Wulfrik granted the gear to Solon because he saw him as the wisest of the Erosian leaders, but he also enchanted the equipment so that it can only be used to defend Nemis. Outside the borders of Nemis, these weapons would bear no power, and the wings would render useless.

Solon choose his twelve strongest warriors to become his best warriors: Solon’s Falcons. After years of extensive training using this gear the Falcon’s were ready to protect Nemis.


Solon’s Falcons are the strongest elite units of the Eastern Erosian army. Their magical axes give them total control over their wings with which they dominate the battlefield. In addition, they wear terrifying masks to frighten their enemies.

It takes years of training to get the axe and suit under total control, which is why only the strongest and most ambitious soldiers can become Solon’s Falcons.

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