Tempos the Bowman

Tempos “the Bowman” is the current magistrate of the island of Mios. He is a friend of Alexos “the Wolf”.

Tempos The Bowman


Tempos was born in the year 164 in the City of Eros. Tempos showed a natural talent in the use of the bow and arrow from an early age, he is probably even the best archer the Militium Aurumnus has ever seen. During his school days he also befriended the later general of the Erosian army Alexos. It is sometimes said that Tempos is one of the only ones who can beat Alexos in a battle of words.

Tempos fought during the Nemisian Civil War alongside his Dictatorii Xenetor “The Cold” as one of his Strategii. He was present and involved in the razing of the city of Mykonis in Nakadonia and the massacre of the civilian population, something he doesn’t regret to this day. Because of this fact, it is said, the civil war lasted longer because the peace negotiations with the Solon “The Wise” of the city of Nemis were suspended, because of what they considered a cowardly act against the civilian population of a city under their protection.

After punishing Xenetor by Herculon after the siege of Mykonis, Tempos was taken into Xenetor’s falling out of grace. Herculon saw in Tempos an accomplice of the massacre and, thanks in part to Tempos’ brutality towards Herculon, saw no choice but to demotivate him and take the rank of Strategii from him.

Tempos by no means agreed with Herculon’s decision and therefore decided to retire from being an active member of the army. He was later on assigned the task of magistrate of the small, mountainous island of Mios. Mios was seen by many as a small island, but under the skillful leadership of Tempos it has become a reasonable harbor. In addition, Mios is the only island on which coconuts can be found in the Realm of Eros, something Tempos has cleverly made into a popular export product.

Tempos was called back to Eros by Alexos in the year 218 to fend off the approaching danger of the Night’s Cult.

Tempos is happily married with his wife and he has two daughters who all life with him on the island.


Tempos is mainly known for wearing his large straw hat, which he prefers to wear indoors. In addition, Tempos prefers wearing a normal white tunic during his general duties.

He is known for his sarcasm, which is often even cynical. As a result, apart from Alexos, he has few or no friends, something he is more than happy about.

Tempos is also always happy to show his skills with the bow to anyone who wants to see it.


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