Xenetor The Cold

Xenetor “The Cold” was once the Dictator of the Southern army of the Realm of Eros. Xenetor now prefers to stay in Fort Istyros, far from the intrigues of Eros, were he trains the new recruits and oversees parts of the Erosian Southern Army.

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Xenetor “The Cold” was born in the City of Eros in the year 141. Xenetor wasn’t born into one of the wealthier families of the Realm of Eros and so it wasn’t natural that he would serve in Eros’s army. But with his efficient methods he put himself in the picture of the generals of Eros. Xenetor was known for his tough handling of new recruits which earned him the nickname “the Cold”.

In the year 186, the Erosian southern army began the conquest of the region of Breasia, a region that lay between Helissia and the Polodorii, an area where the Brear barbarians ruled. It was under Xenetor’s ironclad leadership that the Brear armies were destroyed and forced to make peace with the Realm of Eros and became a vassal state to the aforementioned in the year 191.

Xenetor also fought in the Nemisian Civil War, which started in the year 193, only two years after Xenetor ended the conquest of Breasia. Xenetor is best known for his controversial choice to raze the city of Mykonis in the renegade province of Nakadonia. Xenetor’s relationship with Emperor Herculon III has never been the same since Emperor Herculon wanted to take a more lenient approach to cities that surrendered nonviolently. It was after this violent outburst and the massacring of the entire population of this city that peace talks were suspended by members of the Nemisian league. It took the united Erosian forces until the siege of Nemis to finally stop the secession of the Nemisian lands. Xenetor has never regretted his choice of razing the city.

Nowadays Xenetor runs Fort Istyros, were he is in charge of training the new recruits of the Erosian army.


Xenetor is no longer the great strongman he once was as the years before him are starting to count, but make no mistake, Xenetor’s body may be deteriorating, his mind is only getting sharper. He still prefers to walk around in his gold cuirass and gold leg guards and his favorite hobby is still berating the young recruits.

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