The Realm of Eros

The Realm of Eros is one of the mightiest empires in the entire known world. For more than 200 years they have been the dominant power in southern Aurea with their combination of a strong government and powerful army. The equally named capitol is the grand golden city of Eros which lies in the south-eastern corner of the Realm itself. Other great cities in the Realm are: Nemis, Cadma, Aganium, Naxios, Megapion and Port Karission.

The Realm of Eros has prospered in recent years thanks to the cultural and scientific progress achieved after the emperorship of Aeson IV. His great-grandson, Lysander II, now wears the Golden Crown.

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The myths say that the golden city of Eros was found by the golden god Aur himself. But it is more likely that the city was founded by refugees from the southern continent. The city itself has been continuously inhabited for about 500 years but has had its heyday for the past 200 years. After years of being a republic, Aeson I changed the form of government of the Realm of Eros into an absolute imperial state. The era has been adjusted accordingly. The year of Aeson’s coronation would from now on be known as year 1 of the new Erosian era.

Allies of the Realm of Eros include some of the Valish Kingdoms of the north. The eternal rival of Eros is the eastern Jagradian Empire. After the conquest of Cadma from the Empire of Jagrad by the Realm of Eros, there has always been tension between the two great powers. Nevertheless, there have been no notable battles in the last 50 years.

There is also a great disapproval of the Nikta in the Tellaria peninsula. After years of mutual assaults, Emperor Aeson III decided to attack the Nikta. But the forests of Tellaria were empty territory for the heroic soldiers of Eros. Instead of conquering the land and exterminating the Nikta, Aeson decided to lock them up on their own peninsula. After years of unsuccessful raids, he decided to separate the peninsula from the rest of the empire by a large wooden wall. The wall became known as the Great Wooden Wall.


The Realm of Eros is located on the southern coastlines of the continent of Aurea. It is a mountainous country with some very large cities but also smaller hidden mountain villages. In addition, there are also several islands or archipelagos off the Aurian coast.

The Realm of Eros runs from the city of Cadma in the east to the town of Pelanium in the west.

The Realm of Eros is adjacent to the Empire of Jagrad in the east. In addition, Eros borders several Valish kingdoms and lands in the North. In the south-west is the Tellaria peninsula which is separated by the Great Wooden Wall.


Leadership is not uniform throughout the Realm, which is something you would expect. For example, several cities are led by a magistrate, but the city of Nemis, for example, has its own governance.

However, all individual provinces and cities fall under the authority of the emperor, in this case Emperor Lysander II.

In addition, all parts of the Realm and important cities also have one or more emissaries in the senate of Eros. It is therefore also mandatory for all these areas to have a constant physical representation in the city of Eros.

The Senate is currently made up of 100 different envoys. The current Senate leader is Septus Tulius, who belongs to the conservative faction.

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