Aganium is a Erosian city lying in the western parts of the Realm. Aganium is currently led by Myrina “The Fierce”. Aganium is known for being a trade hub between the Realm of Eros and the Valish kingdoms in the north.

Aganium also houses the Northern Erosian army led by Myrina “The Fierce”.


Aganium originated as a small trading settlement at a crossroads of the river Togos. Traders from the northern regions settled here and started their trading settlement.

After a few years, the Realm of Eros annexed Aganium, after which the population increased rapidly. Nowadays Aganium is known as a loyal city to the Realm and also as one of the bigger cities in the Realm.


Aganium is ruled by Myrina “The Fierce”. Myrina is one of the only women in the Realm to be at the top of a government.


Aganium is located in the western part of the empire of Eros. Aganium is the largest city in the western regions of the Realm. Aganium is located at a crossroads of the River Togos.

Famous Persons

  • Myrina “The Fierce”
  • Toros “The Bull”

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