Leoncrates The Scout

Leoncrates “The Scout” is the leading commander of the Expediates – a group of scouts and ranger who explore the Tellarian Peninsula. As commandor of the Expeditates, Leoncrates officially falls under the command of the Erosian Western Army.

Leoncrates – and the Expediates – have their base in the Great Wooden Wall of Phoclyos.

Leoncrates is one of the chief advisors of Lysander’s council for the invasion of Tellaria. Thanks to his year of expeditions in the land of the Nikta prior to the invasion, he knows their lands the best. In addition, Leoncrates is probably one of the only Erosians who can speak the secret language of the Nikta.

Leoncrates The Scout


Leoncrates “The Scout” was born in the year 174 in the city of Aganium.

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