Krinotax from Helitassus

Krinotax from Helitassus was a king of the city of Helitassus on the island of Naxios. He is known for uniting the entire island of Naxios under the leadership of Helitassus, but he is best known for his attempt to conquer the region of Hellissia around the year 1.

Krinotax is the wielder of the magical glaive of Cilai, granted to him by the spirit of onslaught Xolos.

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Krinotax from Helitassus was born in the year 54 BAC in the city of Helitassus.

It was at the annual Games of the First Men in Tarkida that Krinotax would meet his destiny. He prayed to the gods for help, because the enemies he had to defeat to win the games were all stronger and faster men then himself. It was in the year 20 BAC, that the thirty year old Krinotax stepped foot on the fields of the Games of Tarkida, an annual event to honor the gods, and the first men who fled to Naxios in the wake of the war of the gods and titans. There were several games there: discus throwing, javelin throwing, wrestling and running, but the most important thing to win for Krinotax was honor and pride. So he came to the games and saw his combatants, and he knew he would lose these games, all of them. He prayed to the god Aklyton, the god of strength and health, and Aklyton decided to grant his wishes. He made a glaive so powerful that Krinotax would defeat all his enemies at the event.

Aklyton forged a glaive, a powerful one, that would destroy everything and everyone in its path. His brother, the god of war, Straton indicated that he could send someone to bring the glaive, as the gods were forbidden to take another step on the ground of Aurea.

He was granted the magical glaive of Cilai by Xolos, the spirit of onslaught and combat, and servant to the god of war Straton. The glaive of Cilai gives his possessor the power of a thousand bulls, for a short amount of time, and with it he had the power to defeat all his opponents at the games and he was granted the title of the First Men for the year coming, but Straton deceived Krinotax. Aklyton had insulted his brother Straton, because the champion of Straton would also participate in the games and would definitely lose if Krinotax used Cilai. As a form of revenge he added his own magic to the glaive of Cilai, and with it he added a constant strive to battle and blood in the mind of Krinotax.

Krinotax would win the Games of the First Men, but by using the glaive of Cilai he would also seal his fate, from this day on forward, war and combat were the sole thoughts in his mind. With the use of his glaive he conquered all cities of Naxios, and all the lesser kings would bow there heads to him.

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