Yabid Hellbound

Yabid “Hellbound” or The First Annointed is one of the followers and leaders of the Night’s Cult. He is a very powerful sorcerer, surpassed in strength only by Selene “The Night’s Mistress” herself.

Yabid now serves as a captain of the Cult and the enforcer of the will of the Night’s Cult on their subjugated servants with a downright ferocity that is not seen in many other members of the cult.

Yabid Hellbound


Yabid “Hellbound” was born in the year 192 of the Erosian calendar in the City of Jagrad. He was born in a poor family in the poor district of The Deeps, a slum in the western part of Jagrad. His mother worked for famous crime boss Babak “The Boss” as a stall seller in fruits and vegetables on the famous Munra street, a street with many stalls and small corridors. Although his mother was very poor and he had never known his father, Yabid had a rather carefree childhood. The mother of Yabid took good care of her children and made sure that, in her capacity, her children always had shelter and food.

When Yabid himself was ten he started working as a porter in the harbor together with his good friend Benu “The Leader”, who lived in the house of the Children of the Moon down the street. The house of the Children of the Moon was a combination between a orphanage and a house of the poor and sick. The purpose of the house was good at first but when the crime boss Babak took control of Munra Street, where the House of the Children of the Moon was established, he started using the inhabitants of the house as cheap labour for his many shops, stalls and as workers in the harbor.

It was Benu who was the first, albeit in a small format, to act against Babak and his henchmen by sabotaging work on a small level or by deliberately making mistakes in the harbor that prevented the harbor masters from hiring people from the house. Yabid and Khana quickly joined his resistance movement against Babak and they started calling themselves the Children of the Moon and Stars, which was later reduced to only the Children of the moon, or just in short the Children.

In the year of 211 Mehrana “The Silent” joined their band of friends after he came back, traumatized, by the war of the Tell-Cities. It was Yabid himself who saw Mehrana getting kicked in the streets of Jagrad by the guards of Arvatu and decided to help Mehrana out by bringing the wounded Mehrana to the house of the Children of the Moon for caretaking by Esia “The Mother”.

In the years before Selene “The Night’s Mistress” came to Jagrad, the Children had very few followers and little support from people in the house, let alone people from other parts of the Deeps, but this all changed drastically after the coming of Selene and in her footsteps Ring “The Thief”, Helios “The Lost” and Spyron “Moonface”. They brought with them a deadly combination of experience, power and, most importantly, purposefulness.

It was only a few weeks before Babak’s power diminished noticeably in the house and he could no longer use the inhabitants of the house as workers due to interference from Selene and her mighty connections on the Jagradian court. The mighty king of Jagrad forbade Bhazrod to help Babak stay in power in the poor district, and without Bhazrod’s approval from the court, his power fell. For a few weeks there was finally some kind of peace and prosperity going around in the Deeps. Babak’s henchmen stood with their hands tied as they watched the people reclaim their shops and stalls. Although Yabid in these days was already an ardent follower of the Cult and one of its co-founders, in these days he was still the nice kind individual who tried to solve everything non-violently as much as possible.

Babak decided not to react yet after losing his position in the district as crime boss and accomplice of the court of Jagrad but to bide his time. It was only after several weeks, and after Selene had left town on a secret mission, that Babak saw his chance, at the expense of the cult, to solidify his position again. He decided to extort the shop owners again and it was now the cult standing blankly on the sidelines, leaderless. Since Helios had already left for the north in search of the first alliances for the cult, it was Ring who was currently in charge of the cult in the city. Because of his inexperience or his search for grandiosity, Ring decided to move in head first and remove the henchmen and Babak of the streets of Jagrad for good. He and members of the Cult, including Yabid en Benu, attacked the henchmen of Babak in broad-day light.

The euphoria was great when Babak’s henchmen fled from the Deeps, and that even Babak, leaving his wealth behind, left the neighborhood in a hurry. But it was only temporary. They had given Bhazrod a reason at court to regain their grip on the Deeps. So Babak returned to Munra Street, with devestating consequences.

In the years after the tragedy on Munra Street, Yabid was increasingly drawn to his dark side, supported by Selene. Through Selene’s experience with the rituals of obtaining the powers of hell, Yabid managed to establish a connection with these dark primal forces, which in returned changed his physique resulting in a skin which is almost purple. Due to these practices he became Selene’s First annointed.

After the epiphany to the forces of hell by the hand of Selene he was known as Yabid “Hellbound”, a feat which could bring him ultimate glory in the end or will result in his demise.


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