The Night’s Cult

The Night’s Cult is a cult originated in Jagrad. Originally the house of the Children of the Moon was a home for the poor and weak in Jagrad. After the arrival of Selene in Jagrad, the Night’s Cult arose from this.

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The Night’s Cult is a cult formed in the city of Jagrad. The cult was first known as the Children of the Moon and was founded by Babak “The Boss”, an ally and personal friend of Bhazrod. The Children of the Moon was founded as a carehouse for orphans, the sick and other helpless people, but Babak used the weak and the poor from Jagrad to work for him as a source of cheap labor.

While the cult had little success and following in the early years, it grew big after Selene arrived in the city of Jagrad. Selene decided to do her utmost to get revenge on the city of Eros and the people who inhabited this realm, therefore she turned the Children of the Moon into her own private army of zealots with the help of Spyron “Moonface”, a leper which she helped in her time as Great Priestess of Aur.

After growing in the shadows of Jagrad for months, continuously focusing on the endgame, Selene decided it was time to strike a first blow on the Realm of Eros. Through her court connections, the Cult gained access to the magical archives and the necessary funding needed to raise an army. It was under the leadership of Helios “The Lost”, son of Solon, that the Cult transformed from a militia to a small army. Thanks to the years of military training Helios enjoyed in Nemis, he managed to turn this gang of poor people into a strong, but small, army.

While Selene was preparing in Jagrad by setting up and training an army, Spyron “Moonface” decided to look for allies in the regions around Eros. After years of warfare and the conquest of surrounding areas by Eros, these lands were filled with enemies of Eros, enemies who wanted to take revenge on the Golden Realm.

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