The Night’s Cult

The Night’s Cult is a dangerous cult originated from the City of Jagrad. They are led by Selene “The Night’s Mistress”, the exiled High Priestess from the Realm of Eros.

Originally the house of the Children of the Moon was a home for the poor and weak in Jagrad, a place for the poor to reside to. But after the arrival of Selene “The Night’s Mistress” in Jagrad, she used this former house of the poor to form the wicked Night’s Cult.

Nights Cultist


The Night’s Cult is a cult formed in the City of Jagrad, the greatest city of the east and the capitol of the Empire of Jagrad, around the year 212 although this can’t be said with any certainty. The cult was first started not as a cult but as a care home for  the sick and orphaned and was called the Children of the Moon. The house of the Children of the Moon was a large villa, who had had his best years, on Munra street which was a residence for the homeless and the outcasts of the city of Jagrad. The house was founded by Babak “The Boss”, an ally and personal friend of Bhazrod from Jagrad, the head executioner of the king of Jagrad and someone with a lot of connections in Jagradian court.

Babak was a gang leader in the poorest district of the City of Jagrad, the Deeps, wehre he ruled the streets with fear using his band of thugs and accomplices to rule over the poor of the city. The Children of the Moon was founded as a carehouse for orphans, the sick and other helpless people, but Babak used these weak and poor from Jagrad to work for him as a source of cheap labor in the harbor and in his many trading houses.

Origins in Jagrad

The first members who identified themselves as cultists were Benu “The Leader”, Yabid “Hellbound”, Khana from the Deeps and Mehrana “The Silent”.  It was Benu who was the first, albeit in a small format, to act against Babak and his henchmen by sabotaging work on a small level or by deliberately making mistakes in the harbor that prevented the harbor masters from hiring people from the house. Yabid and Khana quickly joined his resistance movement against Babak and they started calling themselves the Children of the Moon and Stars, which was later reduced to only the Children of the moon, or just in short the Children. These orphans and lowest of Jagradian society decided to break away from the chains of their horrible boss Babak “The Boss”, by creating a secret society with the main goal of getting back their freedom and those of the other Children.

In the year of 211 Mehrana “The Silent” joined their band of friends after he came back, traumatized, by the war of the Tell-Cities. This bloody war against the Tell Cities, to the south of the Jagrad Empire on the banks of the Masal river, caused a large influx of refugees to the capital of Jagrad. From runaway families to deserted soldiers of Al’Nur‘s army.

It was Yabid who saw Mehrana getting kicked in the streets of Jagrad by the guards of Arvatu and decided to help Mehrana out by bringing the wounded Mehrana to the house of the Children of the Moon for caretaking by Esia “The Mother”.

While the cult had little success and following in the early years, this all changed drastically after the coming of Selene and in her footsteps Ring “The Thief”, Helios “The Lost” and Spyron “Moonface”. They brought with them a deadly combination of experience, power and, most importantly, purposefulness. It was the deadly combination of these outcasts and there different skills that the cult and their followers began to matter, helped also by the rise of poverty in the Deeps after the coming of many refugees from the Tell-Cities takings.

It took only a few weeks after the takeover of Selene before Babak’s power diminished noticeably in the House of the Children of the Moon and he could no longer use the inhabitants of the house as workers due to interference from Selene and her mighty connections on the Jagradian court. The mighty king of Jagrad forbade Bhazrod to help Babak stay in power in the poor district, and without Bhazrod’s approval from the court, his power fell. For a few weeks there was finally some kind of peace and prosperity going around in the Deeps. Babak’s henchmen stood with their hands tied as they watched the people reclaim their shops and stalls.

Babak decided not to react yet after losing his position in the district as crime boss and accomplice of the court of Jagrad but to bide his time. It was after several weeks, and after Selene had left town on a secret mission, that Babak saw his chance, at the expense of the cult, to solidify his position again in the Deeps. He decided to extort the shop owners again and it was now the cult standing blankly on the sidelines, leaderless. Since Helios had already left for the north in search of the first alliances for the cult, it was Ring who was currently in charge of the cult in the city. Because of his inexperience or his search for grandiosity, Ring decided to move in head first and remove the henchmen and Babak of the streets of Jagrad for good. He and members of the Cult, including Yabid en Benu, attacked the henchmen of Babak in broad-day light, and with an overwhelming force they succeeded.

The euphoria was great when Babak’s henchmen fled from the Deeps, and that even Babak, leaving his wealth behind, left the neighborhood in a hurry. But it was only temporary. They had given Bhazrod a reason at court to regain their grip on the Deeps, and Selene’s influence was not felt because of her abscence. So Babak returned to Munra Street, with in his rear guard almost the entire force of Arvatu “The Guard”. These events are still known as the Tragedy on Munra Street.

After the Tragedy of Munra Street

It was under the leadership of Helios “The Lost”, son of Solon “The Wise”, that the cult transformed from a militia to a small, but powerful army. Thanks to the years of military training Helios enjoyed in Nemis, he managed to turn this gang of poor people into a strong cohesive army.

While Selene was preparing in Jagrad by setting up and training an army, Spyron “Moonface” decided to look for allies in the regions around Eros. After years of warfare and the conquest of surrounding areas by the Realm of Eros, these lands were filled with enemies of Eros, enemies who wanted to take revenge on the Golden Realm. It was only for Spyron to set things in motion and let the anger grow in the shadows.

The first ally Spyron found were the barbarians from the Acenii Tribes, to the north of the migthy Realm of Eros. Spyron bribed them with great wealth and even greater power to gain from the destruction of the Erosian cities. It was in these lands that Spyron carried out his most dark rituals and experiments on the local populace. In addition, Spyron used the pretext that not his Cult but the dreaded silver fleet of Eros plundered Acenii villages on the west side of the sea of ​​Phillipos.

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