Hector The Broken

Hector “The Broken” is the loyal servant of Selene “The Night’s Mistress”. Hector was hit on the head at a young age by the younglings of higher noblemen, because of this his intellect is very low. He worked as a cleaner in Aur’s temple.

After he freed the imprisoned Selene in the year 196 he fled with her into the wilds of Aurea.

Hector the Broken illustration


Hector wasn’t born the way he is known now. He was born from a lower nobel family in Eros where he had a happy youth. One day he got in a fight with the younglings of higher nobelmen. After they beat him up he never fully recovered. Because of his beating he developed a low intellect and he is seen a shame to his family. This is also the reason they left for Port Karission leaving hector behind.

Hector eventually got a job at Aur’s temple as cleaner. It was there that he first met Selene and instantly fell in love.


Hector is a middle aged man who never developed well thanks to what had been done to him at a younger age. Hector is a simpleminded man who likes fishing and who is deeply in love with Selene. He is also a fairly small man so he makes little or no impression and therefore is really shy of other people.

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