Xantian Desert Snake

The Xantian Desert Snake is a dangerous serpent that lives in the deserts of the Xantian isthmus. Legend has it that these snakes were the descendants of the snake goddess Asasra and were already crawling on the earth before the first humans walked on the face of the earth.

Xantian desert snake


The Xantian desert snakes are heavily oversized snakes the size of a tall horse living in the southern part of the Xantian isthmus. Their dangerous teeth spread a vile poison, which even can paralyze the strongest humans. The serpents are hugely adapted to life in the dangerous deserts of Xantia and they prefer living in the hot, arid climate in the desert. Their only weakness is their constant need for heat, and because of this fact, the snakes are bound to live in the hottest and driest places in the Xantian desert.

While the legends have it that these snakes used to crawl all over the world in ancient times, they are now only found in the Xantian desert. For that reason, there are also few reports today of travelers being attacked by the dangerous beasts, although this is certainly still happening if people come to close to the vicious animals. Because of these legends most travelers and merchants avoid the deserts, and use the route passing by the Tel-cities.

A notable contrast in appearance distinguishes the younger snakes from their elder counterparts. While younger snakes bear spikes solely on their heads, mature ones are adorned with a coat of dangerous spikes covering their entire bodies.

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