City of Eros

The City of Eros, also called the City of Gold or Aur’s City, is the eponymous capital of the Realm of Eros. The City of Eros is the largest city in the entire realm. Approximately 1 milion people live in the City and it suburbs.


The myths say that the golden City of Eros was found by the golden god Aur himself. But it is more likely that the city was founded by refugees from the southern continent. The city itself has been continuously inhabited for about 500 years but has had its heyday for the past 200 years.

After years of being a republic, Aeson I changed the form of government of the republic of Eros into an overall empire. The era has been adjusted accordingly. The year of Aeson’s coronation would from now on be known as year 1 of the new Erosian era.

But after the revolt of the nobility led by Dracos in the year 77 the absolute power of the emperor was removed. After the revolt was crushed in the year 79 by Tergamos and the reconciliation between the senate and the emperor, a mixed government came to power. In which the emperor has the power, but in which the senate has a controlling function on different parts of the government.

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