Megapion is the largest city in the southern part of the Realm of Eros which lies on the continent of Ebodos in the region of Ebisia.

The city is known for its huge library, the Library of Megapion. It is said that all the knowledge in the world can be found in one of the ancient books in this magical library.

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Megapion was founded in AAC 22 as the last big task completed of the first emperor of the Realm of Eros: Aeson I. His wish was to have a strong city on the unprotected south side of the Realm. The city was planned to act as a focal point for the region of Ebisia.

On the site where the present city Megapion is built, other tribes already lived in fairly great numbers, one of these tribes, the mighty Mufan’ghari tribe, stood out in particular to Aeson I. These members of the Mufan’Ghari tribe were the last remaining of a group that broke away from the land of the Mufan’Ghari south of the Spasmenos Pass.

Instead of driving them from his lands, he saw how to use the power of the tribe in his advantage and decided to form an alliance with these people from the southern regions of Ebedos.

The Library of Megapion

The Library of Megapion is known throughout the modern world as a place of knowledge and mythics. The quirky story of Megapion’s library begins with a less fun fact. The first, normal, library on Aeson’s Square burned down in the year 54, only 32 years after the founding of the city. As a sign of respect to his namesake and grandfather, Aeson III decided that the new library in Megapion should be one of the most beautiful and largest buildings in the entire Realm of Eros.

He asked the most renowned architects in the entire Realm to create a plan especially for the new library. Rows of megalomaniac columns and golden decorations were conceived and designed by the smartest engineers. The gold to decorate the columns came especially for this purpose from the mines of Eros. Aeson even lived in Megapion for several years to oversee the construction of the new library.

And then came the climax, the opening of this special building. Aeson’s dream was that the building would be the core of all knowledge in the known world. He asked all the magistrates, lords and vassals of Eros to send books and other works to the library. Even the satraps of the Medryan cities Enurad and Armurad send in some of their most famous works. In no time Megapion’s library was filled with rows and rows of books and papyrus scrolls, full of knowledge, secret spells and magical potion recipes.

An even greater increase of books was seen during the times of the conquest of Medrya by Adan “The First”, when a lot of supporters of Akbitur fled the city of Armurad and went to Megapion, bringing there books and scrolls with them.

The Magistrate of Megapion

The current magistrate of the region Megapion, Peletor “The Watchful”, is an old mentor of Emperor Lysander II and was a close friend of his father Herculon III. He fought on the side of the Realm of Eros during the Nemisian Civil War, against the troops of Solon “The Wise”.

In addition, he is also of Mufan’Gharian descent, something you can clearly see in his black complexion. His son, Alaster from Megapion, is a renowed general and serves as a strategii for Alexos “The Wolf”, the dictator of the Southern Erosian Army.

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