Solon The Wise

Solon “The Wise” is the high lord and leader of the city Nemis. For ages he has ruled the city after the death of his father Amanthyn. Solon is known by his many children and by starting the civil war which came to be known as the Nemisian Civil War.

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Solon “The Wise” was born in the year 130 in the city of Nemis as the son of Amanthyn “The Goblin Killer”. Solon got his nickname because he decided to make peace with the city of Eros instead of prolonging the devastating war which already killed thousands of inhabitants of the Realm of Eros.

Solon is also known for having many sons by many wives. Famous children of Solon are: Ketimnon, Mnachon, Helios and Diana (his only daughter).

Nemisian Civil War

Lord Solon is most famous for starting the Nemisian Civil War against the Realm of Eros. For many years the city of Nemis was part of the Realm of Eros, and thrived being part of the great golden realm. But at the hands of the paramilitary movement the Ultrii, a movement started and led by his oldest son Abtenion, Solon increasingly moved towards the militaristic camp. The Ultrii saw a growing power in the city of Nemis and used this as leverage to persuade other great cities to join there Nemisian League in the senate of Eros.

After a while, this political power was not even enough for the ominous Abtenion, who persuaded his father that Nemuis should leave the Realm of Eros, for the greater good of Nemis. All the major cities and countries in the Realm of Eros took sides in this greatest conflict that the Realm of Eros had witnessed since its inception by the legendary Emperor Aeson I. Soldiers who once stood as brothers side by side, now were facing eachother on the battlefield. The cities of Malacis, Mykonis, Cadma, and Thirydos quickly joined or had already joined the Nemisian League, while cities as Megapion, Aganium, Phoclyos and Port Karrission joined the erosians.

The first battle was won by the Nemisian fleet commanded by Ozius “The Rich” against the Imperial silver fleet of Herculon II himself. This left the Imperial army immediately paralyzed as the seas were now the territory of the tiremes and penteconters of Nemis and Thirydos. Nemis had struck his first strike, and had won it. As a result, Abtenion and Solon’s self-confidence rose to great heights. But this would ultimately be their downfall. Instead of evading the much more numerous and stronger army of Eros, Abtenion’s brother, Hephaelion, decided to seek the frontal attack against the combined forces of the Northern, Southern and Western armies of Eros.

Hephaelion’s army was crushingly defeated by Herculon and his Strategii Xenetor “The Cold” in the battle on the fields of Cortesis and Nemis’ land army was meaningless for the rest of the war. The battle on the fields of Cortesis also resulted in the death of Hephaelion by the hand of Polix “Bravehammer”.

Further life

After the war and the death of three of Solon’s sons, he never again took part in war activities and it is even allowed to say that Solon has become an advocate of peace.

Solon has an exceptionally close relationship with his younger brother Hymnon “The Negotiator”, who serves as the ambassador of the Nemisian League in the Senate of Eros.

Solon was granted 12 magical axes, known as the Axes of Falcos, from Wulfrik of the Valish lands in the year 202. With these 12 axes he armed his best soldiers and they formed his elite warriors which called themselves Solon’s Falcons.


Solon is an old man who always wears a purple toga and lots of jewelry to showcase his enormous wealth. Due to his late age, Solon has started to get difficulties with walking.

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