Hymnon The Negotiator

Hymnon “The Negotiator” is originally a noble from the large port city of Nemis. He is known for his speaking skills and his tall stature. He is the leader of the Nemisian League in the senate of the Realm of Eros.

Hymnon the Negotiator


Hymnon was born in the year 150 as the younger brother of Lord Solon “The Wise” of Nemis. Hymnon currently resides in the City of Eros where he serves as the representative of the city of Nemis in the Senate of Eros. In this capacity, he is also the de facto leader of the Nemisian League.

Hymnon can be seen as a conservative senator who is mainly concerned with the interests of the city of Nemis.

Hymnon is seen as a hero by the Ultrii of Nemis for his importance in the negotiations after losing the Nemisian Civil War.

After the Nemisian Civil War

After the siege of Nemis and the ending of the Nemisian Civil War by the Erosian army of Herculon III, the father of the current emperor Lysander II, Hymnon was one of the main negotiators of the city of Nemis along with his brother Solon and nephew, Ketimnon.

Hymnon managed to negotiate a fairly favorable treaty for the city of Nemis by capitalizing on Herculon III’s war fatigue and his promise of nonviolence in the future. Nemis nonetheless lost control of the province of Nakadonia, but managed to keep Nakadonia from falling directly under the influence of Eros itself.

Also, Nemis is still allowed to supply the Dictator of the Eastern Army of Eros, a position that gives far-reaching control over military actions in the Eastern regions of the Realm of Eros. Thanks to Hymnon, this position came into the hands of Lord Solon’s eldest son, Ketimnon.


Hymnon is an older man with years of experience. He proudly wears the blue colors of Nemis and is most seen in his toga when he represents Nemis in the Senate of Eros.

Hymnon’s villa is located in the neighborhood of Ago Tirtus, City of Eros.


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