Al’nur is the top general of the Jagradian Empire. Al’nur’s birth name was Rashman and he is originally from the village of Al-Dubbah located in territory of the nomadic Wahada Tribe.



Al’nur was born in the city of Al-Dubbah in the year 172 with the birthname of Rashman. From an early age on Rashman develops into a shrewd tactician. By forging smart alliances, he quickly manages to seize power in his own tribe: The Wahada Tribe. Later on in his life he joins The Camel Riders of Qams of which he quickly becomes the leader, from this time forward he is named Al’nur.

Al’nur foresaw the great expansion of the Jagradian empire and therefore he allied his people with the great kings of Jagrad instead of fighting against them.  They sealed this alliance with the betrothal of Rashman’s sister Sahra with the brother of the great king of Jagrad.

Taking of the Brother cities

Al’nur is most famous for conquering the Brother cities (Tell Rema and Tell Asara) in name of the Jagradian Empire in the year 210. After 2 years of continuous siege he finally took the brother cities of Tell Rema and Tell Asara. With the taking of the Brother Cities Al’nur greatly expanding the Jagradian Empire southwards.

During this siege Al’nur was heavily wounded by soldiers loyal to Tell Asara. It was only for his trusted Camel Riders that he lived on to see another day. After this Al’nur stopped with his direct attacks on the cities and instead blockaded the Masal river upstream.

This blockade made it impossible for the Tell cities to bring in enough food for the starving inhabitants of the city. A critical moment was the sailing downstream of part of the Erosian silver fleet led by Titus “The Black” to lift the river blockade. After intense negotiations, the Empire of Jagrad managed to return the silver fleet with a large bag of gold in return for the promise not to interfere in the conflict again.

It was only after months of waiting that Tell Rema finnaly opened peace talks, without Tell Asara’s knowledge. Due to this weakness of one of the allied cities, Al’nur managed to break the alliance. After Tell Rema gave up the war, Al’nur easily conquered Tell Asara as well.


Al’nur is a skilled fighter but best known as one of the best tacticians the world has ever seen. Al’nur is accompanied by his Camel Riders at all times. Al’nur fights his battles with a giant glaive. Al’nur is usually seen in his well-known armor and with a full beard.


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Al'Nur front

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