Nemis is the second largest city in the Realm of Eros surpassed only by the City of Eros self. The city of Nemis lies directly on the Sea of Nera. The city of Nemis is also seen as the leading city of the Nemisian League, a band of cities who form a pact in the grand Erosian senate.


Nemis is one of the great cities of the Realm of Eros. Nemis is the largest city in the eastern part of the Realm, only surpassed by the City of Eros itself. The only major city of significance further east in the realm is Cadma.

Legend has it that Nemis was founded by Faclos, god of winds and birds, after he was kicked of the Verope mountains by his mother and fell on the plains of Nemis. He was eventually adopted there by a poor shepherd who took him into his house as his own son. Finally Falcos returned to the mountains to banish his tyrannical mother from the sky and take his place as the protector of the sky, winds and birds. But Nemis has always held a special place in his heart.

The City of Nemis was also the instigator of the civil war in 193 that would later came to be known as the Nemisian Civil War. The war eventually ended in the year 195 after the Siege of Nemis and the defeat of the rebelling armies of Nemis.


Nemis is currently controlled by Solon “The Wise” and his many sons. Due to Solon’s advanced age, he has handed over the day-to-day management to his second oldest son, Mnachon.

The City of Nemis is located directly on the Sea of ​​Nera and therefore also has a large sea harbor which is connected to the main part of the city by a strip of land protected by two walls on both side. Nemis is also one of the bases of the Silver Fleet of Eros.

The City of Nemis is also the residence for the Eastern army of Eros, led by Solon’s eldest son Ketimnon.

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