Helios The Lost

Helios “The Lost” is one of Solon’s many sons. After his father lost the Nemisian Civil War, Helios fled into the woods around Nemis.


Helios “The Lost” was born in the City of Nemis in the year 169. There he was seen by Solon as a powerful captain and one of his father’s favorites.

At the start of the Nemisian Civil War Helios was just a 24th year old man, but because of his proweness and skills he became a captain of the citadel of Nemis. He fought bravely in the Siege of Nemis, but eventually the city was overrun by the forces of the Golden Army in the year 195. Helios, with a band of other Nemisian members, was against the surrender of his father.

He fled into the woods after the Siege of Nemis when the odds were turning against him. For the past 30 years of his life, he has lived in the wild with his gang of exiles. After encountering Selene “The Night’s Mistress” in the woods with Hector “The Broken” and Ring “The Thief” he decided to join their cause.

After the loss of the Nemisian Civil War by Solon and the flight of Helios from the city, he became an exile. His father called him a traitor and insultingly called him and his group of confidants the Blue Crows because they weren’t worthy of the name falcon, the animal which is been displayed on the emblem of Nemis.


Helios “The Lost” is no longer the youngest in his crew, his grey hair proves, but his physique still manages to impress, having lived in the wild for years, he still has the physique of a man in his thirties. He is also widely known as an expert swordsman and it is said he never lost a person versus person battle using his Nemisian sword.

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