Spyron Moonface

Spyron “Moonface” is one of the leaders of the Night’s Cult. He is a man shrouded in mystery and wears a mask at all times to protect his battered face.

Spyron Moonface


Spyron “Moonface” was born in the Realm of Eros in the City of Eros. Spyron possesses great but dark powers acquired during his years as a vagabond in the Realm of Eros.

After years of living as a vagabond, Spyron was called to the large City of Jagrad where he joined the newly formed Night’s Cult led by the exiled high priestess Selene “The Night’s Mistress”. There he serves as Selene’s advisor and as a powerful occult ally. In this capacity, he is concerned with undermining the established order and creating a new world order.

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