Spyron Moonface

Spyron “Moonface” is one of the leaders of the Night’s Cult. He is a man shrouded in mystery and wears a mask at all times to protect his battered face.

Spyron Moonface


Spyron “Moonface” was born in the Realm of Eros in the City of Eros in the year 177 in a wealthy family of traders and landowners. Spyron had no special childhood and grew up as a normal happy child while his father maintained a number of farms around the city of Eros. But everything changed on Spyron’s 14th birthday. Suddenly large scabs began to form on the skin of his face and body. The scabs turned into purulent wounds and bumps. No one wanted anything to do with Spyron anymore and it was suspected that his illness might infect others, the people became afraid of him. He was rejected by his friends, his family and everyone he had ever known. Over the years, various stories have circulated about the origin of his illness.

One story tells about how the gods took revenge on Spyron’s father pride by making a monster of his son. The story goes that Spyron’s father was a jealous and domineering man who was mainly concerned with measuring his own wealth against the wealth of other farmers in the region. Every year Spyron’s father would go around asking about the number of sheeps possessed by others and the number of bars of grain grown to make sure he had made the most. Every year he topped all lists. Until he hadn’t delivered most of the grain for that year, one of his neighbors had brought in much more. Irritated by this outcome, he went to his neighbor to ask about the great increase in volume. The neighbor led him to his field and pointed to his eldest son, a large strong man who could pull a plow through the field on his own. The neighbor belittled Spyron and said that his mediocre son could never compete against his son.

Unable to take this, he decided to turn to the mighty gods of Eros. And they listened. They granted Spyron magical powers which the fourteen year old boy could use to plow the fields in mere hours. But it came with a price. The gods hated upon his pride, and with the magical powers came an infestation which mutilated Spyron for good.

True or not, Spyron was no longer welcome in his safe community in Eros and decided to leave town. But before departing, he resolved to go once more to the sacred altar of Aur in the City of Eros, to ask forgiveness for the terrible curse that had fallen upon him, and to hope for their mercy. The gods remained silent, but there was a glimmer of hope for Spyron. The then high priestess Selene came to him and examined his bumps and wounds. Even though she could not heal the wounds, she could conclude that Spyron was not contagious to others and therefore did not pose a danger to others. With this in mind, Spyron left town in search of people who were less anxious about his appearance.

Spyron traveled far and wide from the west beyond Pelanium to the lands beyond the yellow gates to the east. In addition, he also studied for another year under the wise counsel of the mages of Cadma.

After years of living as a vagabond, Spyron was called to the large City of Jagrad where he joined the newly formed Night’s Cult led by the exiled high priestess Selene “The Night’s Mistress”. There he serves as Selene’s advisor and as a powerful ally. In this capacity, he is concerned with undermining the established order and creating a new world order.

Spyron possesses great but dark powers acquired during his years as a traveler.

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