The City of Jagrad

The City of Jagrad is one of the great eastern cities, lying on the Xantian isthmus connecting the northern and southern continents of Aurea. The City of Jagrad is also the capitol of the Empire of Jagrad or Jagradian empire.

The king of Jagrad controls not only the city of Jagrad, but the entire Jagradian Empire.

Jagrad City


Jagrad is one of the oldest cities in all of Aurea and has been inhabited for nearly 1000 years. The city is a mixture of cultures and is controlled by the big visor. Jagrad has become rich because it is a hub of trade routes, connecting the northern continent of Aurea with the southern continent. Also, many pilgrims visit the city every year to look upon the holy obelisk of Adum-Madruk, a shrine in many religions.


The city of Jagrad is one of the best known and most diverse cities in the whole Empire of Jagrad. The city is largely located on the western bank of the Afruta River, although some parts of the city are also located on the eastern river bank.

The city was built on a small hill on the left bank of the Afruta, this settlement is now known as the Gadach fortress. The fortress of Gadach is the center of the city around which there are several districts. The largest and poorest district in the city is also known as the Deeps, as the district is located at the lowest point of the city. A well-known place in the depths is the house of the Children of the Moon which is located on Munra street.

The City of Jagrad has several ports from which goods are transported into the city. The most famous port is the port of Nazur, which is located in the middle of the city.

The City of Jagrad has a very hot climate, which manifests itself mainly in the summer months, but due to the low location of the city, it is very warm all around the year.

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