The Expediates

The Expediates is the name of the group of scouts that were sent into the Tellarian Peninsula a year prior to the invasion of Lysander’s army. The Expediates are led by captain Leoncrates “The Scout”.

The Expediates


The Expediates as a special group were formed about a year before Lysander’s army marched into Tellaria. The main reason for this was that the Tellaria area was cut off from the rest of the Realm of Eros, and the last maps were more than 80 years old.

It was after the last invasion of emperor Aeson IV that the great wooden wall of Phoclyos was erected to stop the ravaging goblin tribes from entering the lands of the Erosian. Aeson IV ordered the construction of this wall after his withdraw from Telleria after the devestating defeat by the hands of the united Nikta goblin tribes. The final straw to this decision was the death of his great friend Amanthyn “The Goblin Killer” (father of Solon “The Wise”) in the year 153 that led Aeson IV to this decision (and the withdrawal of the army of Nemis by the young Solon most likely had something to do with it too).

It was Ophileus “The Secretary”, personal secretary to emperor Lysander II, who was chosen by Lysander II and Alexos to find a solution to this cartographic problem. Ophileus sought help from the leader of the western army of Eros: Myrina “The Fierce”. He had heard tales of the feats her armies had accomplished several years earlier, and her advice would eventually lead to the creation of the Expeditias by a captain of her army.

Leoncrates “The Scout” was a captain in the western army of Eros and in that capacity had fought against the rebellion of the Behar in the Realm of Eros.

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