The Nikta Goblins are the inhabitants of the Tellarian peninsula, located to the west of Hellissia and south of the Erosian city of Phoclyos. As a result of earlier wars between the Erosians and Nikta goblins, the Erosians decided to cut the Nikta goblins off from the rest of the continet by building a wall, which came to know as the Great Wooden Wall of Phoclyos.

The different tribes of the northern part of the peninsula have been fighting against each other for many years but now have to face their greatest fate, the golden army of The Realm of Erosafter emperor Lysander II decided to invade the peninsula.

The current chief of the northern Nikta tribes is Kasz “The Chief”.

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The Nikta Goblins are the original inhabitants of almost all of Aurea before the dawn of humankind. Years of internal warfare and war against the armies of Eros and the Valish kingdoms have greatly reduced the domain of the Nikta on the southern shores of Aurea. In present times there is only a group of Nikta goblins left on the coasts of the continent of Aurea on the Tellarian peninsula.

The peninsula is shielded from the rest of the continent by the Great Wooden Wall of Phoclyos which was built in the year 154 during emperor Aeson IV’s reign. Because of this the inhabitants of the peninsula were isolated from the rest of the world – because the Nikta hate open waters, so they don’t have a navy or even ships at all.

There are several large tribes inhabiting Tellaria. Some of the most famous Nikta tribes are the Gram, Szoyie, Ubryie, Szamesie, Krawszyie, Hradzsianie and the Prussyie.

Because the Nikta tribes were leaderless for years and also thanks to the many internal struggles they suffered, the Nikta lost enormously in strength and their culture and civilization barely grew in these years, at least for the northern part of the peninsula.

Their greatest despair came when the youthful new emperor, Lysander II, of the Realm of Eros decided to make it his life goal to end the strive his grand-grandfather Aeson IV started – with the ultimate goal being the destroying of the Nikta goblins.


The Nikta are goblinoid creatures that mainly live in forests and hills. The Nikta are generally much smaller than people, reaching just up to their hips. Although the Nikta are apparently smaller than humans, their culture is not necessarily smaller in scale. The Nikta traditions originated before the rise of mankind, and the forging art of the Nikta is incomparable with the forging art of mankind.

Cities & Towns

  • Holdzdrak
  • Isj Grok
  • Isj Plnrie
  • Isj Grzak
  • Isj Grmnorig
  • Klot Isj

Famous persons

  • Domaszszr “The Silent”
  • Kasz “The Chief”
  • Mirik “Turtleshield”
  • Sezyrayk “Forest Fire”
  • Szrim of the Ubryie
  • Szrimir son of Szrim

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