Tellaria is the largest peninsula on the southern coast of Aurea. Tellaria is known for its diversity in different areas and for its great variety of forests, lakes and hills.

Tellaria is also known as the last remaining location where people do not predominate in the population. Tellaria is mainly inhabited by the Nikta.

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The peninsula is mainly inhabited by the Nikta tribes and a few separate Nikta groups traveling around. There are several large tribes inhabiting Tellaria. Some of the most famous Nikta tribes are the Gram, Szoyie, Ubryie, Szamesie, Krawszyie, Hradzsianie and the Prussyie.


Tellaria is known for its wild landscape and environments. Not only can you find quiet lowlands, but it is also full of hills, forests, swamps and the famous Vok mountains.

In the north you will mainly find lowlands and the extensive Kowsie swamps. These swamps originated from a branch of the Dzigm River and cover almost the entire area south of the Great Wooden Wall. These areas have served as a natural barrier against invasion from the more northerly human kingdoms for years.

In the more southerly areas of Tellaria you will find a rougher landscape. The area is hilly and consists for a large part of branches of the Vok mountains.

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