Mirik Turtleshield

Mirik “Turtleshield” is an ancient Nikta goblin living in the swamps of Kowszie on the Tellaria Peninsula. Here he leads a wild band of Nikta bandits.

Mirik Turtleshield Illustration


Mirik “Turtleshield” was born in the Gram tribe just a little south of Lake Kowszie in the year 106. Mirik grew up in a well-known family of the Gram tribe. The Gram are known as the most antisocial Nikta and as crooks and criminals who live in and around Lake Kowszie and the more northerly Kowszie swamp. Mirik is certainly not inferior to the rest of his family and his years of combat experience make him a dangerous fighter.

Mirik was also probably one of the catalysts of Lysander II‘s invasion of the Tellarian peninsula. Through constant attacks against the Great Wooden Wall and the destruction of villages north of the wall. Mirik has even gone as far as the city of Phoclyos itself where he committed several murders and other crimes against the realms of men in one infamous night. Mirik has portrayed himself as a ruthless murderer in the eyes of the people of Eros.

Mirik is known as a hater of the human realms, but he also has a personal hatred towards the Nikta living in the Vok mountains to the south of Lake Kowszie, specifically the Krawszyie and the Prussyie tribes. He also personally dislikes Kasz “The Chief”, leader of the Prussyie tribe.


Mirik “Turtleshield” is a stocky little Nikta who brings years of combat damage. In his many years of waging war against other Nikta tribes and the cities of Eros, he has suffered many wounds, Mirik misses half of his ear and he is covered with scars. You can also find Mirik sometimes riding his giant tortoise Znappa.

Mirik is also a carrier of a turtle shell as a shield. This tradition of the Gram has been around for years and is continued by Mirik as protector of the Kowszie swamp.


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