Urd Saal

Urd Saal is one of Cyliria’s best known pirate brokers. After years of piracy, Urd decided enough was enough for him. Now he only works as a broker for other pirates.



Urd was born in the city of Tell Rema. After working for years as a rower on a ship for the Jagradian navy, Urd decided to become a pirate. After an unsuccessful career, Urd decided to become a broker for other pirates. Urd now arranges for the other pirates all the supplies they could wish for, from a ship to a full crew.

Urd is a well-known name on Cyliria because of his role as a broker for the pirates of Cyliria.


Urd looks like a typical old pirate. The only difference is his extremely friendly head, something that often worked to his advantage when making appointments that he failed to keep in 8 out of 10 cases.

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