Urd Saal

Urd Saal is one of Cyliria’s best known brokers, buying and selling stolen goods from pirates. After some years of piracy, Urd decided enough was enough for him. Now he only works as a broker for other pirates, together with his mother Nanni Saal.

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Urd Saal was born in the city of Illanibas on Cyliria in the year 178. One of his great-great-grandfathers, Mogad Saal, was one of the first pirate brokers on Cyliria.

Urd is a well-known name on Cyliria because of his role as a broker for the pirates of Cyliria, and for being a part of the famous Saal family.

He is also friends with a navarch of the Realm of Eros: Kynon “Gulfslayer”.


Urd Saal looks like a typical Cylirian with his browned skin and dark hair. The only difference is his extremely friendly face and gesture to others, something that often worked to his advantage when making appointments – that he failed to keep in 8 out of 10 cases.

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