Zarghana the Assassin

Zarghana “The Assassin” is one of the dangerous members of the group of assassins known as “The Scorpions of Nusra”. She is the younger sister of Raptara “The Brother”.

Zarghana the Assassin


Zarghana was born in the Empire of Jagrad in the city of Armurad. She was born as the younger sister of Raptara “The Brother”.

One day, when Raptara and Zarghana were still children, Raptara decided to steal from the temple of Armurad to supply the family with much needed food, but he was caught in the deed by one of the feared warlocks of Armurad. Just as he was about to be punished by the old warlock of Armurad, Zarghana came jumping in and pushed the old man in the back, over the battlements of the wall. The old man fell of the temple wall and died a quick death.

The guards of the temple found the body on the ground and in no time they caught the perpetrators. Instead of killing the children, they decided to sell the children to some of the slave traders in Armurad. The traders were heading to the Tell-cities in the south of the empire where they would be sold to merchants as slaves and forced to work for the rest of their still young lives.

After several weeks of travelling through the hot desert, just a few miles from the city of Jagrad, the group was attacked in the night by a group of assassins called “the Scorpions of Nusra”. All slave traders were killed except the slave children Raptara and Zarghana. They were given the choice to join the Scorpions by the Scorpions leader Bazaz-si-dahi or suffer the same fate as the slave traders lying on the ground besides them, choking in their own blood. Raptara and Zargahan decided to join the group of rogues.

From that day on, Zarghana and her brother Raptara were trained in the secret skills of the Scorpions by Bazaz and the other Scorpions.

Raptara and Zarghana were assigned an important task by Bazaz-si-dahi in the year 218 in which they had to travel beyond their usual working area. They were assigned a task from the dreaded Night’s Cult in which they had to travel to the City of Eros.


Zarghana seems like a timid girl, but make no mistake, this only looks that way. She also makes good use of her brain, because most murders to her name are seen as accidents by bystanders. Zarghana doesn’t talk much and usually leaves the talking to her brother Raptara.


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