Mendos Shortfoot

Mendos “Shortfoot” is a guard of the mighty City of Eros. He works along with his friend Atteus “The Younger”.

Atteus and Mendos


Mendos “Shortfoot” was born as the son of a wealthy merchant in the City of Eros in the year 198. His father had a well-known amphorae factory in the city of Eros. Thanks to his father’s connections, Mendos was able to land a cushy job as one of the city guards of Eros.

Mendos has a birth defect in his left foot that causes him to limp. His fellow guards and friends, Atteus and Mechron, often ridicule him with this condition and call him Shortfoot. In addition, Mendos also prefers to spend his time with trivialities and pranks instead of doing his job, for this reason he does not have a good relationship with the captain of the city guard, Euclides “The Captain”, who thinks he is just a lazy and spoiled kid from a rich family.

“You know what it is with Euclides, he just can’t appreciate it when someone is better than him. Have you ever seen a theft at watchtower seven? Precisely…” ~ Mendos “Shortfoot”

Mendos lives in watchtower seven, west of the wealthy district of Ago Tirtus. He lives within the tower with his fellow guard and friend Mechron.

Mendos is mainly occupied with handling small tasks in the city, he often dislikes this because he prefers to stand at one of the city gates, because over there he does not have to walk all day, he also thinks that being a gate keeper is a more appropriate task for him. Mendos keeps an eye on the various markets in Ago Tirtus and resolves small disputes in this wealthy district. He is therefore often taunted by his superiors and other colleagues who deal with more serious disturbances in Ago Cadmus and think he is just a nobody.

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