Thedidus The Free

Thedidus “The Free” was from birth a slave of the Regalos family in Eros. After escaping, he made it his life goal to free all the slaves of Eros.

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Thedidus “The Free” was born in AC 178 as a slave to the Regalos family, a family made up of wealthy merchants and miners. Thedidus’ family had been slaves to the Regalos family since the days of Thedidus grandfather. The Regalos family is not known for its kindness, something you could clearly see in the behavior towards their slaves.

One day, Thedidus couldn’t take the mean behavior of a young member of the Regalos family anymore and decided to give him a corrective slap. Something that was strictly forbidden. Thedidus immediately realized the mistake he had made and fled the city. As punishment, Thedidus mother was hanged on the gallows field before the gates of the great golden city. After learning of this gruesome fate his mother has fell to, Thedidus decided to take up arms against the Realm of Eros.

Thedidus vowed to take revenge not only on the scions of the Regalos family, but on all the bureaucrats and rulers who allowed this terrible system to continue.

Thedidus and his gang of escaped slaves called themselves “Helots”, after the first humans were enslaved by the Erosians many years ago at the bottom of the Akropolis.

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