Hadnia The Brave

Hadnia “The Brave” is one of Theia’s Acolytes on the Akropolis of the City of Eros. She is seen as a reckless and disobedient student, but with great talent. She currently practices the path of strength, one of the trainings given at the Akropolis.

Hadnia The Brave Illustration


Hadnia “The Brave” was born in 202 AAC in the city of the oracle, Arretta, to an unknown father and a mother who worked as a temple servant of the goddess Chanthe. She was an only child and did not have many friends during her youth in Arretta, the other children in Arretta thought low of her because she had an unknown father and therefore she was seen a bastard. When her mother saw opportunity to send her away – due to her magical powers which started to emerge – she did not hesitated a second. She was accepted at the Temple of Aur in the City of Eros to become an acolyte of the temple, and eventually a priestess in the future.

The acolytes in the Temple of Aur have to choose a path of magic they want to focus on at the age of fourteen. Logically, Hadnia choose the “Path of Strength”, a training that would focus on using magic spells in combat situations. Hadnia soon learned that the path of strength was more of a euphemism for a self-defense lesson, than literally teaching her how to use attack magic. She therefore quickly became a bad student in class and was known among the teachers on the Acropolis as an obnoxious student who would likely end up as a priestess in a half-hearted village somewhere in the mountains or another backward village.

Hadnia now serves the High Priestess of Aur, Theia “The Traitor, in the City of Eros as she prepares to finish her training in Cadma at the hand of Eridius “The Protector of Cadma”, the grand Protector of Cadma. During the completion of her basic training in the City of Eros, it was not yet the plan to send her to Cadma to complete her last rites as Theia suspected that the training in Cadma would make Hadnia reckless and unthinking. It was only after the events of the Euphoria of Euanthia that Theia decided to join the vote (with her casting vote) of the other Sofoii.

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