Atteus The Younger

Atteus “The Younger” is a guard of the city watch in the City of Eros. He was born in the City of Eros in July 194.

He is the cousin of Alexos “The Wolf”. Atteus “The Younger” should not be confused with Atteus “The Older”.

Atteus and Mendos


Atteus “The Younger” was born in a aristocratic family in the year 194. He is the cousin of Alexos “The Wolf”, who is the older brother of his mother.

After finishing the Militium Aurumnus, the military school preparing young aristocrats from the Realm of Eros for becoming an officer in the Erosian army, Atteus decided to not join the army, but instead he decided to get a job as a city guard together with his long life friend Mendos “Shortfoot”.

He choice this path to spend more time with his wife, Ena “The Patient”, and newborn child, this to great dislike of his uncle Alexos who wanted him to join the army because a job as a guardsman was seen as something below his stature. After this decision the relation between Atteus and his uncle Alexos was troubled and they didn’t see eachother anymore.


Atteus “The Younger” is a young healthy man in his late twenties during the Night’s Cult uprising. Although Atteus did not excel during his training he is certainly not untrained. Atteus is trained in the use of all regular weapons of the army of Eros.

Atteus is usually seen wearing the golden armor of the city guards of Eros.

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