Aeson I of Eros

Aeson I of Eros was the first emperor of the Realm of Eros. He was born 46 years before the general Erosian era. He was succeeded by his son Aeson II.

Aesons Army Illustration


Aeson I was born as Aeson in the year 46BE in the City of Eros. During Aeson’s early childhood, the City of Eros went through a tremendous change and the times were turbulent in the entire region of Hellisia, wars and new leaders were the order of the day. The Olicharchs of Eros, and their puppet kings, had just been expelled from the city and the Senate of Eros led by Dyneon “The Awe-inspiring” had seized power over large parts of Hellisia. The city of Eros had thus grown from a large city-state in the region to a small, relatively centralized, empire.

One of the most important events for the fledgling Realm of Eros was also the naming of said Realm by Dyneon. Dyneon chose not to call the Realm of Eros an empire, but a realm, in which Eros would act as a protector of the common Hellisian. In this capacity, Dyneon also came to be known as the first protector of the realm.

It was during this time that Aeson’s character was formed, a time of change and chaos, but with a hopeful future ahead. Aeson’s good family background allowed him to enter the inner circles that formed around Dyneon, and here Aeson learned statecraft in the front row. Aeson would later write about this time as the most exciting and vibrant time of his life, a turning point. All the towns and villages of Hellisia bowed their heads and pledged allegiance to the strong authority from Eros

But then disaster struck, after a short illness the protector of Eros died a quick death. The power vacuum Dyneon left after his untimely death was not immediately filled in by one of his followers. For several months it was not even clear who was in charge of the city, whether these were the wealthy returned oligarchs or the young Senate of Eros. The cities in Hellisia that first accepted the authority of Eros left the realm as fast as they joined it, and the Realm of Eros seemed short-lived at this point.

It was the pride of the kings of Naxios that would ultimately determine the fate of the Realm of Eros. The empire of Naxios, located on the island of the same name Naxios to the east of Hellisia, decided to use the power vacuum in the region of Hellisia and decided to attack and conquer the entire region. The great king Krinotax from Helitassus – with his magical glaive Cilai – looked to the west, and decided to march his armies into the realm.

The invasion seemed to be going very well at first, with numerous victories and scattered erosian armies, but it was already after a few weeks that the poor planning and short preparation time of the Naxians started to play tricks on them. Naxios lost momentum, and at this point Aeson decided to seize the moment. Eventually the invasion of Hellisia came to a turning point before the walls of the city of Arretta, were Aeson defeated the army of Krinotax, which also marked the downfall of the king of Naxios.

His mentor and teacher Dyneon had teached him wise lessons which he brought to the field, but he had also seen the aftermath of the state of the Realm after Dyneon’s death.

So Aeson rallied the troops of Hellisia underneath his banner and chased the troops from Naxios out of the region. As a prize he took  the City of Eros and proclaimed himself the first emperor of the Realm of Eros.

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