Kynon Gulfslayer

Kynon “Gulfslayer” is a famous fleet captain from the Realm of Eros. He is born in the city of Port Karission in the western corner of the Realm in the year 183. His father was from low nobility of Port Karission while his mother was a Valish from the city of Rogmunnak.

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Kynon “Gulfslayer” is born in the city of Port Karission in the western corner of the Realm of Eros. His father was from low nobility of Port Karission while his mother was from the city of Rogmunnak, one of the biggest cities in the land of the Vales. From a young age, Kynon was someone to be reckoned with and he was not easily put off by others. In addition, Kynon also loved the outdoors and seeking adventures in the fields and forests around Port Karission. But his greatest love was the sea. On the day he turned nine his father gave him a small boat, on which Kynon later fabricated a sail. From the day he got his boat, Kynon was destined to become captain of his own tireme, he was destined to become a great navarch.

Although Kynon was theoretically born of a noble father, his mother’s ancestry still made it difficult to enter the higher circles of the Realm of Eros. It also took his father an incredible amount of effort to get his son into Eros’s prestigious military officer school, the Militium Aurumnus. In this school the young soldiers learn the tricks of the officer trade, with subjects such as history, leadership, government and everything that has to do with waging war. Eventually his father succeeded in his task of getting his son on the school so he studied at the Militium Aurumnus in the City of Eros where he was taught by the greatest soldiers and generals the Realm of Eros is known for, Alexos “The Wolf” among others. At school, too, Kynon drew the ire of many of his teachers who did not appreciate his boastful and blatant behavior.

He earned his nickname “Gulfslayer” while sailing the seas outside the High Praises, the seas beyond the sea of ​​Nera, as the crow flies even beyond Pelanium and the Valish Lands. Kynon is known for his headstrong approach to his sailors on his boat the Cleaver. According to many, this is due to Kynon being from a Valish mother.

Kynon also sometimes explores the limits of what is permissible for a Navarch of the Erosisan silver fleet, he once rented out to the pirates of the island of Cyliria to get rid of a large debt. Thanks to these trips, he has also become good friends with Urd Saal. the most famous pirate broker in all of Cyliria.

Since the day Kynon became captain of the Cleaver, Domtos “Just Domtos” has been sailing with him as a cartographer and dealmaker. Domtos also acts as a confidential advisor to Kynon and is probably the only person in the world who can dissuade Kynon from his sometimes too daring ideas.

Although Kynon is not one of the higher admirals in Eros’ fleet, or navarchs as they are being called, Kynon has made a name for himself by participating in dangerous expeditions and well-known naval battles. He is also a well-known navigator who knows the seas around Eros like the back of his hand. Thanks to Kynon’s multicultural heritage, he also has an advantage with various foreign envoys.


Kynon is a strong man and always carries his spear with him, you can also recognize him by his blue tunic underneath his armor, which he always wears as a proud captain from the Realm of Eros. Kynon has his mother’s deep black hair color.

Albeit Kynon is a good sailor, he is not one of the higher Navarchs of the Erosian fleet as his Valish origin and his outspoken rude character get in his way of getting along with the other great Navarchs.

Kynon speaks Erosian, Valish and a little bit of New Jagradian.


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