Everyone can become a legend…

Depicted in the fantasy world of Aurea there are many factions who fight for ultimate power or for great glory. Can you harness the power of the golden lands or are you going to fight with the zealots of the Night’s Cult.

What kind of legend will you become?

Siege Nemis Nights Cult

The first saga…

It is the year 218 and the Realm of Eros is at the peak of civilization in the known world. No one can contest the Golden Realms and the City of Eros is flourishing as never seen before. But things have been set in motion in the east, dark clouds are gathering above the realm. The exiled high priestess of Aur Selene, named the Night’s Mistress by her followers, has made the first strike against destroying the Realm. Once banished to the deep forests and muddy ditches by the nobility of Eros, she stands ready to take revenge on her former enemies. With the help of the Empire of Jagrad, she created herself an army of passionate fanatics who would follow her into the deepest crevices or the highest mountaints to achieve her goal of destroying the realm.

But she is not the only one who craves power. The Empire of Jagrad, built on the ruined empire of Medrya, is rapidly conquering the areas and cities around the Xantian Ishtmus. Soon they will set their sights on the west, on the lands of the golden city self. But first there are some grudges from the past waiting to be solved. The once conquered city of Cadma trembles at the thought of the mighty army of Jagrad at its city gates…

Meanwhile, the young emperor of the Realm of Eros, Lysander II, has decided to rid the southern shores of Aureau for once and for all of the treacherous Nikta, a goblinoid species which have lived for thousands of years on the Tellarian Peninsula. In it, he will fulfill his greatest dream, finally negating the failure of his great-grandfather Aeson IV.

While the emperor is away, he has given one of his most loyal generals responsibility for the golden lands of Eros, the general of the Erosian Southern Army, Alexos “The Wolf”. And that at an important moment! The Euphoria or Euanthia is upon us, the realm’s annual harvest festival.

The time of peace on the southern coast of Aurea is over. The fragile peace, kept for years by Lysander’s father Herculon, is about to break… in a thousand pieces.

Kynons Ship

LegendBuilds miniatures

Legends is set in the fantasy world of Aurea. The first volume of the game focuses on the southern shoreline of Aurea with famous factions as: The Realm of Eros, The Empire of Jagrad, The Night’s Cult and many more. Check out the webstore to see all LegendBuilds fantasy miniatures.

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