The Acenii Barbarians

The Acenii Barbarians, called barbarians by inhabitants of the Realm of Eros, are a loose band of tribesmen who live north of the city of Nemis in the Lands of the Acenii.

Acenii Barbarians


Not much is known about the history of the Acenii Barbarians as they don’t have written traditions. In earlier times, stories were often passed down by oral tradition, which meant that there are few to no writings from earlier years.

All that is known about the past of the Acenii comes from writings from the Realm of Eros which mentions early trading with Prervonia. The oldest papyrus scroll from Eros, dated the year 30 BC, tells of a sunken cargo with boar skins and barley beer in the Mist Sea from Prervonia.

It is known that the Acenii have limited knowledge of mining and agriculture and that the iron they possess mostly comes from trade with the Realm of Eros.


The Acenii living in the Monursa valley have a common culture that dates back many years. They share the same history and they share a common language. Since about the year 100, there has also been a collective writing system in the form of runes.

Because the Acenii only recently started using writing, much has been lost about the religion and myths of the Acenii in the past. The most famous myths out there are about the creation of the world and are all based on the nature around them. Even today the Acenii hold festivals in honor of these nature spirits. Two of the greatest gods of the Acenii are the mountain gods Mono Ursa and Gar Ursa.

One of the main characteristics of an Acenii member are their well-known green tattoos, which often cover the entire body. The markings are put on the face and body whenever the Acenii go to battle or during important rituals or festivals.


Although the Realm of Eros addresses them by the name of Acenii Barbarians, as if they were an alliance, but this is certainly not the case. Each village and tribe in Acenii lands has its own leader, which they call an Ataman, who does not transfer responsibility to a higher administrative body. The only thing that connects these people is their language, their common culture and their ancestry.

However, at certain times of the year parties are organized in Prervonia where some of the Acenii tribes gather to party and drink. The special thing about it, by the standards of the Realm of Eros, is that men and women are mixed up and seen as equals.


The lands of the Acenii are located in a large valley between the Monursa mountains to the north and the Verope Mountains to the south. As a result of being between two large mountain ranges, the weather in the summer can be mild to pleasant, but from autumn to spring it is moderate to very foggy with lots of rain coming from the mountains. The valley is crossed with small streams and bigger rivers.

Nature in these lands consists of a diverse range of trees, from common deciduous trees in the heart of the valley to pine trees that reach up to the mountains. The forests here are also full of wild boars, bears and deer. Thus, the Acenii like to use these forests as their personal hunting grounds. The boar skins from the Acenii lands are therefore one of the most traded items with the Realm of Eros and the Empire of Jagrad.

The Verope Mountains serve as the natural border between the Realm of Eros and the Acenii lands. These mountains are not as big and rough as the Monursa mountains on the other side of the ridge. As a result, you will often encounter guard posts from the Realm of Eros here who guard their border against unwanted intruders and other uncanny business.

The Monursa mountain ridge is located north of the lands of the Acenii. The two most famous mountains are Mono Ursa and Gar Ursa, also affectionately referred to as “The Old Couple” by members of the Acenii in the valley because they are the two biggest mountains in the Monursa mountain ridge. Myths also tell us about the god and goddess who created the Acenii and their lands. When they saw their work was finished they decided that their time had come and they became the great mountains of Mono Ursa and Gar Ursa, and from their seats they look upon there children in the valley.

The largest city is Prervonia, although by the standards of the empires to the south of the Acenii lands it would rather be seen as a large village. Prervonia should certainly not be seen as the capital of the Acenii, although it does serve as a meeting place during celebrations or meetings between some tribes. The city is located at the north bank a little bit upstream the Toemlos (Toemlé) river. The city is shrouded in rain and fog for most of the year and, according to many, it always smells like goats.

Cities & Towns

Famous persons

  • Ataman Dolo
  • Damnasé “The Great Urs”
  • Ira “Swinehunter”
  • Jorenan “The Rebel”
  • Ymané “The Last”
  • Ywel “The Burned”

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