Ring The Thief

Ring is a servant of Selene. Although Ring follows Selene in her plans to destroy Eros, he does not do so with the same respect as Hector. Ring only thinks about his own interests.



Ring is born in the Valish Kingdoms in the year 189 in the city of Rogmunnak. Ring was a cheeky and dexterous boy from an early age. Logically, he followed his father’s steps and joined the Guild of Thieves. Ring longed for greater riches than the Valish kingdoms could bring him and after years of simple thefts, Ring joined Selene and her goal of destroying Eros.

Ring was not present at Selene’s arrival in Jagrad as he was tasked with stealing Asasra’s staff from the deepest vaults under the Golden Temple of Aur in Eros. A task that he completed successfully.


Ring is a man in his late twenties. Ring still wears his northern clothes in most situations. In addition, Ring is also one of the best thieves on the entire continent after years of training in the Guild of Thieves. Although Ring has no significant military training, he has enough skills in the use of his fists and two daggers, which he always carries with him.

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