Everyone can become a legend. Sagas is the brand new fantasy tabletop line of 28mm miniatures. Depicted in the fantasy world of Aurea there are many factions who fight for ultimate power. Can you harness the power of the golden lands or are you going to fight with the zealots of the Night’s Cult.

And the coolest thing about it? You can 3D print the miniatures yourself at home on your own 3D printer.

What kind of legend will you become?

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Sagas is set in the fantasy world of Aurea. The first volume of the game mainly focuses on the southern shoreline of Aurea with famous factions as: The Realm of Eros, The City of Jagrad, The Night’s Cult and many more. Check out the webstore to see all the Sagas miniatures.

The Night’s Cult Uprising

It is the year 218 and the Realm of Eros is at it’s peak. No one can contest the Golden Realms and the city of Eros is flourishing. But things have been set in motion. The exiled priestess Selene has made the first strike. With the help of the City of Jagrad, she created her army of passionate fanatics and other criminals. And although Jagrad won’t dare to wage open war on the Realm the are surely open for any attempt to break the power of Eros.

Meanwhile, the emperor of the golden empire of Eros, Lysander II, has been on a war fare beyond the borders of Eros for more than a year to chase away the cunning goblins from the grounds of Eros once and for all. While the emperor is away, he has given one of his most loyal soldiers responsibility for the golden lands of Eros, the southern general of Eros, Alexos “The wolf”.

It has been many years since anyone heard of the exiled priestess, but Selene arrived in the desert city of Jagrad. With assistance of her loyal servants, Hector and Ring, she managed to become part of the Jagradian High Court, and most important she got the interest of the tyrannical visor. While Jagrad definitely is a strong city, they lack the power or force of the majority to strike at the Realm. But the grand visor knows about the cunning ways of Selene, and knows she can be a dangerous ally. He also knows about the band of zealots that is surrounding Selene, the Night’s Cult. A dangerous alliance is formed between the desert city and the forces of the exiled sorceress.

In the meantime, rumors of Selene’s return have reached the Realm, including the ears of the ever-vigilant Alexos, the southern general of Eros. While he doesn’t have the assets to strike at the city himself he knows he cannot await this danger.

Can the Realm respond in time at the great danger that is waiting for them or will this be the beginning of their downfall?

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